620 Retro Video Games Console

Similar P1 Mini 620 Retro Video Game Console Double Gamepad 8 Bit Support AV Out Put Family TV Video Game

Built-in 620 games. Specification: 1. Plug and play. 2. Built-in games, can not be removed or changed and no support downloaded games. 3. Supported AC adapter 5V/500mA. Today, for every original blood boy, and of course for myself, I decided to bring back our 620 Retro Video Games Console. Let us be able to feel the joy and passion of our childhood even in one place, even in any place, and bring us the same classics as before. Let's take a look!


1. Available for 5+ Children and please no allowthey play it alone; 2. Please power off and stay cool after play 4-5hours: 3. Please keep the game console from the placeextremely cold or hot 4. Please donot disassemble or repair the gamconsole by youself 5. The game console is not support 4K solutiontelevision

High quality controller,Can support double play

Reinvent the classic, perfect upgrade. This TV game console is upgraded according to the original game console, giving us a better experience. The sleek body design gives us a very comfortable grip to the greatest extent, and the built-in simulator game system allows us to experience more fun.

Support two-player

Adults and children can play. As time goes on, the previous games have basically launched the historical stage, although some small partners are still insisting on playing these games, but after all, they can't keep up with the times. And to replace these games are some games that are more beautifully crafted, have richer game background stories, and have a lot of gameplay.

Support AV output

Large size,more fun. Of course, there are still a lot of game consoles here. Have you ever been exposed to this game console as a qualified 90? If these are the muffled sounds you have ever wanted, do you still have a passion for them now?

Packing list:

1 x Video Game console 2 x Game controllers 1 x Power Adapter 1 x AV cable

FAQ: (Frequently anwsers of questions from buyers)

Q: How can I get a game list?

A: Dear friend,you can contact us first and leave your email,then we can send you game list quickly ,please don't worry.

Q: Does it support download games?

A: No,dear friend ,it can't download games ,it built-in 620 games.

Q: Does it has a package?

A: Yes,it has ,you can send it as a best gift.

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