11-in-1 Set Switch Silicone Case

Switch 11 in 1 handle silicone sleeve: host silicone sleeve x1, left and right handle ferrule x1, swimming cap x8

(Note: the color of the rocker cap is randomly matched !)


Players who bought the handle have this experience. Pure white handle is very easy to get dirty, especially the temperature caused by the heating and air conditioning in the house, pure white handle are more easily contaminated with stains and sweat stains. Therefore, a handle silicone sleeve is the ultimate "weapon" to prevent handle stains ". Introduce you to PS4 handle silicone case, its dirt degree very excellent, and can effectively protect handle of safe.


Technical parameters: anti-wear and new resistance. Soft and comfortable.
(1) designed for Switch handles.

(2) Material composition: Silicone
(3) surface treatment: comfortable touch, not easy to dust
(4) applicable temperature:-20 ℃ to + 260 ℃
(5) multi-color optional

Product features:-soft-stain-resistant-wear-feel excellent.
1, uses high quality silicone material made;
2, accidentally drop has a good cushioning effect, can protect your handle from damage;
3, soft texture, feel very good;
4. Light weight, good skid resistance and good transparency.





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